Do I need 10 gauge power cord if I have 10 gauge from panel?

I just installed some dedicated circuits with 10 gauge electrical wire. But now I have to consider replacing my amp power cords because they are 14 gauge or higher.

Is this really necessary and any recommendations on quality 10 gauge power cords that I should buy?


Shunyata - a "bona fide" high-end company - was attempting to prove that lower resistance was important. They proved it doesn't matter! So 'philes discard those garden hose power cords and free yourselves from delusional thinking!

Jumia, should have been more clear.

The gauge of wiring you _need_ to your amps is dependent on the fuse or breaker value on the amp itself.  14 gauge is enough for up to 15 Amps, 12 gauge for 20.   You _could_ get thicker wiring but not needed.  I personally like shielded cables over thick cables for the extra EMI/RFI protection.  Now that our homes are filled with wireless devices and Ethernet and USB cables I feel this is more important to me.

What about shielded and thick cables? Also it’s a 20 amp circuit breaker.

I am a big fan of shielded cables. Because it's nearly impossible two separate and space out all the cables in most rooms that have hifi equipment.

I thought correct Terminology was impedance for alternating current and for direct current its resistance.