Do I need 10 gauge power cord if I have 10 gauge from panel?

I just installed some dedicated circuits with 10 gauge electrical wire. But now I have to consider replacing my amp power cords because they are 14 gauge or higher.

Is this really necessary and any recommendations on quality 10 gauge power cords that I should buy?


If the tiny weeny wire in the fuse can handle 10amps, why can't a 14 gauge cable.


You are trying to reduce a multi-variable question into a single question. The answer can easily be yes or no… depending. If you have to reduce this to the grade school level… yes, you should have a 10 gauge. But the question is far more complicated than that.


What is in front of it or behind it doesn’t matter. The only question is… if I put this power cord in, will my system sound that much better… more than enough to justify the cost? Most of the time high quality power cords made for amps will be 10 gauge… but the best sounding one might not. 

@jumia Oops, sorry mistook ditusa's post showing the Crown amp with dedicated 10AWG cable as yours, so was a bit confused.

My thought regarding your original question on aftermarket 10AWG cable for your amps - 12AWG cable would be more than adequate. More important is the quality of the cable and connectors.

As others here have said - you can build a very good cable, that would be as effective and sound as good or better than some of the high dollar boutique wonders, for a fraction of the money......Jim  


If you have never tried a aftermarket power cord before, I would recommend getting something something that doesn’t cost too much like a cord from Pangea and try it in your system and see if you can hear an improvement or if you can hear a difference at all. Some systems can hear difference while others not so much, and don’t worry about the gauge as all after market cables are more than sufficient gauge.


I started with Pangea many years ago and I absolutely do hear differences. in my system unfortunately as my pocket book really suffered in the process because my precent power cords do cost a pretty penny. But they brought my system to such a level, you really have to experience it to believe it. I have a full loom of SR Galileo SX power cords in my system. Put back the stock cords and the magic disappears. Yes, my system is very sensitive to changes and power cords do effect my system considerably.

Sorry jasonbourne52

but you are wrong. Power cable makes difference. Most audiophiles can hear the sound improvement. Some PC doesn't make any difference but some do. I am not sure if the owner of the basic audio system can hear the difference. Why some PCs are insanely expensive, that's a different topic.