Do I need a DAC?

Do I need a DAC between my BAT VK-5SE CD player and my VK-32SE preamp? I will be using the tape out jacks into a headphone amp.
You don't "Need" one, but do you want one? if you do, then keep in mind that you already have a pretty high end CD Player as it is, along w/a superb Pre Amp...I guess what I'm trying to say is, Make sure you "UPGRADE" and not downgrade. And that will equal to a high end Tube DAC.....You got the extra $$ laying around for that?
My BAT VK-5SE CD player trounces my custom modded Perpetual Technologies DAC and my Oppo 83 SE with the vaunted Sabre 32 DACS built-in. Unless you want/need the convenience of a computer source, no you do not "need" a DAC.
You have an excellent player and pre. I doubt that a separate DAC will add anything unless you spend megabucks to upgrade!