Do I need a power cable - if so what brand?

I am a newbie to high end audio and need some help in optimizing my setup. I have Yamaha V1800 bi-amped to B&W 683 and bi-wired to B&W center. Yamaha amp and other audio componets are connected via Monster HTS 3600 power center. I am using Xindak FS-1 for fronts and Monster Z2 ref for center. 95% of my usage is for music.

Based on the above setup, should I replace:
1. Wall to Monster 3600 power cable?.
2. Monster 3600 to Yamaha receiver?.

Which of the above will give better sound performance (if at all) and if it does, what power cable should I consider?.
I can readily envision that in many homes dedicated lines for the stereo system may be helpful, notwithstanding my comments about power cords not making a difference. For instance, if other devices such as heaters or refrigerators are pulling large currents through lines in the house that are also supplying the stereo system, the system would see less voltage than if fed via dedicated wiring. The miles of wiring outside the house are typically much larger gauge than those within the walls, and are designed to support much larger currents without significant voltage drop. Also, dedicated lines could conceivably help isolate the system from rfi produced by those other devices.

In general, the better the design and quality of the power supply circuits within the system's electronic components, the less sensitive I would expect those components to be to dedicated vs. non-dedicated lines and ac line conditioning.
Yes, Yes, Yes...I know it doesn't make sense...BUT...the power cords I made and included in my system was as though I changed 2 major components in my stereo. I am using Ayre equipment with very beefy power supplies, and yet...
I know it shouldn't be so, but unless you hear what a good power cord can do you will not believe it.
Dear Almarg,

I find it interesting that you repeatedly assert that power cords make no sonic difference based solely on your keen deduction abilities derived from your graduate-level engineering education. You make no mention of experimenting with at least one reputable power cord to validate your conclusions.

This 'method' was certainly not considered to be a sound design of experiments (DOE) process when I received my Masters degree in engineering, nor would it be given any credibility in the half-dozen successful high-tech electronics companies that I have managed over the last 25 years, with dozens of graduate-level engineers like yourself working for me at each one.

Had those who made revolutionary discoveries over the last hundred years or so used your logic - it is controversial and/or it cannot be measured with current technological methods and/or I do not understand it - there would be no electricity, no computers, and no internet through which to communicate or debate our beliefs on this topic.

But this thread is not about your and my respective credentials or who can mount the most logical argument to substantiate their position. Satiger started the thread by soliciting opinions on the effect of his power conditioners and power cords on his system's sound.

As I have actually experimented with several very highly regarded and expensive power conditioners and power cords, I will offer my humble opinion to Satiger: follow the wise advice of others on this thread - install at least one dedicated power line to your equipment (20 or 30 amp with 10 gauge Romex and a good audio-grade receptacle), ditch the power conditioners, and buy the best quality power cord that you can afford. You WILL hear a difference!

Based on my experience, I would recommend a Tel Wire power cord or one from Synergistic Research. Both companies offer fantastic products and customer service and also provide customers with the opportunity to try their products in your home on your system at no risk.

Perhaps both of you could take advantage of one or both of these companies' in-home trial and then post your experiences on this thread.

I'm a big sceptic when it comes to tweaks.
I did buy an expensive power cord and it did increase my low frequency.
A window in my room was not installed well and when I added the PC, it started vibrating, buzzing the moment I started listening.
Strange but true.
I also want to run a dedicate line for my sys.
What should I tell my electrician to do, what kind of wire, outlet...
Thanks for your help