Do I need a power cable - if so what brand?

I am a newbie to high end audio and need some help in optimizing my setup. I have Yamaha V1800 bi-amped to B&W 683 and bi-wired to B&W center. Yamaha amp and other audio componets are connected via Monster HTS 3600 power center. I am using Xindak FS-1 for fronts and Monster Z2 ref for center. 95% of my usage is for music.

Based on the above setup, should I replace:
1. Wall to Monster 3600 power cable?.
2. Monster 3600 to Yamaha receiver?.

Which of the above will give better sound performance (if at all) and if it does, what power cable should I consider?.
I'm a big sceptic when it comes to tweaks.
I did buy an expensive power cord and it did increase my low frequency.
A window in my room was not installed well and when I added the PC, it started vibrating, buzzing the moment I started listening.
Strange but true.
I also want to run a dedicate line for my sys.
What should I tell my electrician to do, what kind of wire, outlet...
Thanks for your help

I recently installed three dedicated lines - two 30 amp and one 20 amp. I used standard 10 gauge Romex. The whole job cost $500 through a licensed electrician who does new construction work and he and his assistant completed the whole job in about 2 hours on a Saturday morning.

If you install more than one dedicated line, be sure to discuss the grounding scheme with the electrician to avoid 60 hz hum.

As for receptacles, this is somewhat controversial. From my experience with different power cords/different plugs/ different receptacles, I believe that the way the metallurgies interact makes a very big impact. Certain Hubbell products (but not all)are good bets for low $$. The Hubbell CR5352IG isolated ground outlets work well for me and can be found on ebay - I paid $50 for 10. Next step up is cryo'd Hubbells, say from Albert Porter or Jena Labs (both under $50). Synergistic Research has a new Quantum Tunneled receptacle for $75 that should be good.

IMHO, the most desireable receptacle is the Oyaide R-1 at $130. It is very neutral and extended and also extremely well built with SOTA materials.

The key to picking receptacles and power cords is compatibitility with each other (and with your equipment). Scan the threads by Duster on Audioasylum for great advice on this.

Good luck.

Dedicated lines do make a positive improvement, if for no other reasson to get the dimmer whitches out of the line, or to get the loose fitting AC receptacles and wire out of the front of the audio. Many homes are equipped with very low quality AC receptacles and they are fire hazards too. With regards to power cords, they are more hype than reality. Change something important like caps to v-caps or amps. A power cord is just a filter to change the sound, not necessarily more accurate or true. The only one I have heard to help digital was the Cardas Golden Reference in a high RF area and the noise was markedly reduced. In the absence of the nosie, it would not be needed. Spend money wisely, there is much hupe to "filter" it is your money, I like mine to do real good.
I am not an electrical engineeer or a rocket scientist, but in my experience, power cables can be as substantial as speaker cables and interconnects in a system. This is my experience and my reality and if anyone says that I am deluding myself, what's the difference between delusion and reality if I believe that I hear it!? There are many out there that also believe that zip cord is as good as any of the high priced speaker cables that are available.
So who or what do you believe? I trust my ears and my own judgment and I know that power cables do make a difference, just find the right one for your system!