Do I need or want preamp tone controls

Hi, I'm new to this, I just ordered an Odyssey Stratos w/cap upgrade and was trying to decide on the Tempest preamp. Any disadvantages in having tone controls? Thanks, Blub
I agree, no tone controls, but I highly recommend a pre-amp with a balance control-- and there are some very good ones such as the Sonic Frontiers Line series, ARC LS25, Levinson, Bryston, Adcom, VTL, Herron, and others. Cheers. Craig
Adding to Dill's: You don't need tone controls if all your CD and vinyl recordings are perfect.

Just to let you know, the majority (like 98%) is not always right. Personally, I love them since they are out of the circuit when not in use - at least in McIntoshes. I find satisfaction in having the best of both worlds.