Do NOS Mullard EL34 tubes last much longer than NOS SED (Svetlana) EL34 ?

Well, Mullards are $450 each and SED are $120 each. I need four of them for VAC Avatar SE. For now I got a set of SEDs but for the next set..? Bloody expensive. I really like Mullard long plates 12AX7 for line amp.

Maybe it's not worth it, anyway, maybe I wouldn't hear much of a difference.


I had a quad of the Winged-C’s that seemed to keep going and going… Was going to get another set a few years back, but went a different route instead. Lots of misses.

Then I tried the Psvane EL34PH replica tubes. They are now my go to tube. Dynamic, very open sounding, very transparent and they seem to breathe air into the music. 


Show me where NOS Mullards are new production Russian tubes…….

bjesien: " window into the notes and texture". That’s exactly what I would seek if I wanted to take the sound to the next level, and I sure want it.

So, this is an opposite opinion - with EL34 there is no substitute for NOS Mullards.

In fact, Kevin did recommend NOS Mullards if I really wanted to push the sound quality and had the funds. He just said it was not necessary to get  excellent results.

A friend of mine worked in the USA repairing (now vintage) tube amplifiers and he would often tell me how beautifully the Mullard EL34 sounded to him - the best he heard at the time, from a client's amplifier, but that was in the 19080s. I was sure the Mullard EL34 were long gone, I would be seriously suspicious of them appearing on the market now. I'm sure there are some good alternatives from modern production, like the Psvane. 


I just got in 16 or so NOS/NOS TESTING Mullard xf2 EL34. I think there is at least one quad that is NIB, maybe more. I know the provenance/chain of custody of these tubes going back 40--50 years. And I sell at reasonable prices, not like TubeDepot and some of the others. 

If interested, DM me and I will list some here on Audiogon.