I admit, I fell for a scammer from Thailand, even though I was warned. It just was that it took forever to sell my Stealth cables at a give away price. These cables are awesome, but evidently not popular in the USA. I refused to send the cables to the buyer because he wanted me to declare the value at $30 USD for custom fees. So he had me direct the shipment to his friend in SoCal. Now, after UPS (and I insured the cables for $4,000 to save on shipping-my fault) delivered the package, the buyer says his friend did not sign and receive the cables! Just be aware A-Gon members, and don't be foolish like me.

If 'friend' did not sign and receive cables, they're being returned back to you. Everything else you've said vanishes as senseless gibberish.

Lady-boys, "i was warned", Stealth cables, scammers, give away prices, friends in SoCal, something to do with Thailand -- sounds like the pitch for an Amazon original series.  If you can maintain the narrative into act 2, you could have a hit!
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@talk2me , did you send the cables to the third party recipient in SoCal without having received payment in advance?

If you did, got no one to blame but yourself especially an international transaction.  Doesn't matter if Thailand, UK, Hermosa Beach, CA, Germany ...
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