Do people tire of audio forums?

Not sure how much interest this will generate since members who've left audio forums, or at least this forum aren't here to comment.


Anyway, I've been one to come and go from forums of all kinds over many years, this for any number of reasons. So recently I've been lurking again, checking in perhaps once a week, came across a recent post where a member stated he was leaving because he felt unappreciated. Got me to thinking how much this sentiment enters into people decisions to participate or not participate in this forum, or any other forum for that matter.


Based on my observations and experience, being unappreciated and/or underappreciated is inherent to the hobby/obsession. Unless one has very wide experience with equipment in their home system or systems they have only limited empirical evidence to offer. For instance I'm exclusively involved with SET, custom build and modification. only limited numbers of members have interest in this, so appreciation only goes so far.


Seems to me, a whole lot of people on these forums speak on things they've only heard from others, or have very limited experience with, suppose this makes them feel important. And then some are provocateurs, get their need to be appreciated fulfilled in this manner, guess arguing feels like appreciation for them. Based on my observations the need to feel appreciated is important for people both to continue to participate and in decisions to leave.


I've also been perusing some past posts where members are leaving and remarking about how audiogon was a more friendly place at some time in the past. I don't recall a time when that was true, there have always been bully's, provocateurs, self important people here. I believe this nostalgia comes from a time when this individual was still making many new audio discoveries. I suspect many of us settle down into satisfactory and/or dream systems and no longer have much interest in new discoveries. I for one don't see this forum ever changing much, members come and go, always newbies and oldies, same arguments and agreements go on and on.


For me, interest in talking about audio waxes and wanes, never get tired of listening to music over a fine system, just get tired of talking and thinking about everything that goes into creating and maintaining a system. Feeling like you're repeating yourself and seeing the same old posts gets stale for me, so I leave. If past repeats itself I'll likely find audio talk to be of interest at some point in the future.


Just interested if others have similar experiences or observations.



@knotscott Spot on! Between individual preference and plethora of available equipment, topologies, rooms, etc. every situation unique, makes it more difficult to find commonaliity. I recently decided against selling my 1970 MGBGT when out of this world great deal on rebuilt engine came my way, MG and classic English car forums in general are probably the most genial forums I've been involved in. I also have an Alfa, Ducati and Mustang GT, Alfa and Ducati forums a bit more variable, Mustang forums full of complete idiots, reflective of no end of crash videos of this car!


So, the real reason I left the audio forums is that I suffered a shoulder dislocation and torn rotator cuff Feb 3rd, don't ask! Anyway, most painful orthopedic injury ever experienced! No desire to even listen to my system for months, out of sight, out of mind. So then I get back to listening, but desire to engage with forums didn't return, this is when I began to question my need to engage. I now see it as having been something of an addiction, not a day could pass without checking in on forums. Now that I'm more aware of this don't want return to that. I see that some of my contributions weren't worth the effort, sort of like meaningless small talk. Going forward  try to limit posting to more important contributions. I also expect to have less interaction as the rate of change in my system continues to decay. Does rate of change in our systems correlate to level of engagement with audio forums?

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@sns sorry bout your shoulder. Had a severe should injury too...absolutely the worst location for any injury I’ve had...that damn joint has a huge range of motion compared to most, the rest of the arm and hands are attached to it so almost anything you do causes movement and pain to the shoulder.


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@jpwarren58 +1 Dude, that's so keen and so funny, at the same time.

@sns Apparently so. I've seen it a few times thru the years.

Sometimes thay come back, sometimes not. 

Anyone remember @tubebuffer ? Sometimes I used to have to literally stop and wipe my tears, so I could keep reading.

Someone said onetime, that he was really Millercarbon's alter ego. Lol.

Where the hell are you, @millercarbon ?

@ticat In many cases this may be best route, why add pithy post, may help to decrease the fatigue.


For popcorn and hot dog lovers, I used to enjoy the show, even engaged a few times. If its a new topic this can still provide entertainment, but another objective vs subjective or snake oil battle, NOT!