Do posters intend to hurt the feelings of other members?

It is usually the case that members engage in spirited, often passionate, discussions in threads. That’s normal. Regrettably, often those discussions veer off the tracks, where members are offended or genuinely have their feelings hurt by the content of others’ post(s). 

Do posters intend to hurt the feelings of other members? Your thoughts?
First, I want to say what a pleasure it is to read teo_audio's posts. A very clever guy, indeed.

Next, when it comes to having your post removed, sometimes it's just out of spite and not for violating any rules. I've had a post removed that was more clever and direct than the one aimed at me and the offender took issue and had it removed. All it took was for me to contact Admin and asked for them to review it and they agreed that it was perfectly fine and they reinstated it. One has to remember that a lot of deletions are done on the fly as Admin can be quite busy.

All the best,
I had two posts removed from this thread. I thought I posted them in humor. Evidently, the Mod who removed them didn't get the joke.

There are all sorts of motives for people to debate . . . but in my estimation, you cannot be insulted or hurt unless you allow it. If your self-esteem is so fragile that you take another person's tongue personally, then you will be at their mercy all through your life.

Everyone has an opinion and everyone wants to be considered influential; unfortunately, there are those who can only do so by bullying, intimidation, and personality assault-- some even physical assault if nothing else will work. Of course, when defamation of character or physical assault happens, that is another matter and proper actions should be taken . . . but in the long-term, pick your battles for battles do not win the war, but the long-term strategy does.
No one can hurt you on here unless you let them. MAGA Make Agon Great Again.