Do speaker cables need a burn in period?

I have heard some say that speaker cables do need a 'burn in', and some say that its totally BS.
What say you?

The metaphysical and the scientific. Until we have testing equipment that can test things outside the reach of science right now, only our opinions can be our reasoning. Does science know all about the behavior of atoms and electrons? I don't think tbere is a physicist, electrical engineer or researcher that would bet their life on it. Oh well the discussion goes on

^^^ I think there is a member here who sells cables tailor made for this gentleman :)
Every component in the ac- or signal path will need moore or less of a burn/break-in. some components in the signal-path like condencers might need a long period, while a powercable gets it`s massage a lot faster.

Speakercables are somewhere between, it will depend a lot on how much power you give them. And if they are worth your time. A poor sounding cable will stay poor.  One hour of serious abuse is enough to get their character.
“One hour of serious abuse is enough to get their character.”

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So Geoff, what exactly is the physical characteristic that is granted to wire due to being pulled through a die that accounts for electrical directionality?