Do speaker cables need a burn in period?

I have heard some say that speaker cables do need a 'burn in', and some say that its totally BS.
What say you?

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Tellyawhat, seeing the level of snark being flung around here makes me EXTEMELY curious about all the replies that have been deleted.  They musta been doozies!;)
Upsetting their own world order I guess. Neither side can tell the other that they are flat out wrong. I have my opinion and since it is outside the current realms of science it must not be true. There is no end in sight to the 50 or so  year Burn-in war. 

I have to disappoint you. Those three deleted posts were mine and were actually only one. Something was wrong with Audiogon and it would give error message while posting it. It put it out three times with one click. I tried to delete two but all got deleted so I gave up posting.

Sorry, it was not that exciting after all.