Do speaker cables really make a difference ?

Thinking about buying a different speaker cable. Do speaker cables really make a difference?


Thanks for all the responses. I am thinking about trying Anti Cables speaker wire. It's very thin wire and unless they made the reviews up themselves, they are highly thought of by different users. Any thoughts on Anti Cables ?     

I have a modest second system with the Anticable 2.1.  It is a Powernode with Elac Debut Reference speakers.  I had older cables on hand from Straightwire and XLO.  I preferred the XLO, but they were way too long.  So I took a flyer on the Anitcables since I could get a five-foot pair for only $100 and run them straight from the Powernode to the speakers without them touching the floor.  They sound great with this little system.  That said, if you have a longer run you need to consider the fact that they are very stiff.  You can bend them, but they are very different from the typical flexible cable.

For me: 99.9% Pure single strand OCC Copper in a PTFE sleeve with a textile jacket. Nothing less and nothing more and it doesn't cost $1K per foot......Jim

They (and other cables) make a huge difference. Forget the "science"; what matters is, can you hear it or not. If you can, it's important. If you can't, it's not important.

It's been my experience in some 15+ years of hardcore effort electronics development that I can in fact hear nearly everything. Could probably count on 1 hand the areas where could not.

That said, I can heartily recommend Audience. Their Morre treatment really does change the conduction (can hear it) and simply put, nothing else gets out of the way of the music like Audience. Certainly not at the price point at least, likely safe to say. Audience have been kind enough to Morre treat several parts for me (inductors, caps) and lots of excellent chassis wire, which I use exclusively lately to outstanding effect.

My pals and I had been using AU24sx generally already. Hard to beat that for bang for the buck IMO. Then I was impressed enough with Audience Front Row (and Morre treated XO-M caps) that I asked for dealership status and was kindly granted.

I completely concur and agree 100% with this review:

If it interests you, feel free to reach out. TK



I second the solid core wire. Even better is magnet wire. Insulation is the key. Stored energy in the insulation (dielectric constant) is the issue. 

From Electromec


  • A wire’s dielectric constant is related to the energy stored in the insulation.
  • Lower insulation dielectric constants are preferred for high-speed data applications
  • This parameter must be tightly controlled for impedance-controlled systems.