Do speaker cables really make a difference ?

Thinking about buying a different speaker cable. Do speaker cables really make a difference?


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Video summary of the above paper. 


@dadawada it's all about money, for you skeptics, right? All I read is "expensive cables", "it's your money", "a fool and his money", etc etc... looks like the wallet is as tight as the ears canals, for you folks. More seriously, had you ever made actual experiments, you would know that, for example, Belden 9497 cable sounds VERY different from similarly priced, entry level cable. There are people who actually PREFER the sound signature of the Belden cable, to the sound signature of cables costing much more. 

What's more, if confirmation bias is indeed a thing, because yes we are humans, it does go BOTH WAYS and you people are not immune to it, as @thyname pointed out. Weirdly, when someone states this (and there is no way around it: it IS a fact, IT DOES GO BOTH WAYS) there's never any answer from the skeptics. You guys usually choose to ignore the remark. 

I'll keep calling people "trolls" when they behave as such, and frankly, coming ON THE CABLE FORUM and basically calling us cable believers (and I wouldn't be surprised, in the grand scheme of things, if we are quite the majority) "delusional" or "fools" is nothing else than TROLLING. I've been trying all manners of cables, from the cheapest to the expensive, in the last 25 years and let me say this, if you can't hear the differences between two cables made of different geometry / materials, then how can you hear the difference between two DACs? Between two amplifiers? And HOW, good Lord, HOW DO YOU PICK YOUR ELECTRONICS and HOW DO YOU BUILD YOUR SYSTEMS? do you exclusively look at numbers? Ears are NOT TO BE TRUSTED!



Well said @rolox ​​​​​​

I don’t care if people think cables have no effect on sound in the same way I don’t care if some think the earth is flat. I find it amusing in a funny way, because in my system cables have a big effect on sound. 

But I wonder if those who claim that all cables sound the same have actually tried some good cables and then came to this conclusion.

It’s not about research data and papers. It’s about trying a different good cable and still getting the same sound. Now that would be interesting.




I never called anyone "delusional" or "fools". You said that. I simply said I don't agree with everything you are saying and still don't.

You started with the "Trolls" calling I guess because my opinion is threatening to you...

Wallet tight?...well...let's just say I've been very blessed to have been executive of a number of companies that have been acquired and did ok. As executive of a publicly traded company today I still do ok. I'm just more careful with what and how I spend my money...