Do true audiophiles own Mcintosh gear

It seems like all the high-end dealers I have bought from or talked to think that Mcintosh is living on it's past reputation. The 2 stores that carry it locally are more mid-fi stores than high-end. I have a friend that swears by it but he hasn't listened to his Mcintosh in over 2 years. What do you think?
Ebm, the thing I note about the Macs compared to EVERY single amplifier I have owned is their natural fidelity to the music. These things do music right and they pull you in and keep you there. Funny thing is when I first fired them up I was trying to compare them to a pair of Quicksilver Silver 88's I recently purchased and my Berning zh270 which I've owned for years. The wow factor is not there initially, I mean they don't present all that extra detail that you hear with modern amplifiers. What they do better than virtually anything I am aware is present a realism to how instruments and voices sound. All the tonal colors and shadings that I HEAR in live music. Voices on great recordings are so real that it can be startling pulling you into the performance totally. As good as the other two amps are in their respective ways they just do not match the Macs in this area. The point is that I have not listened like this for a while which is to say I just can't stop listening to music and brings me back to the only time it was like this in the past 30 years, when I got them in the first place. There is different for sure, there are some with more wow factor initially. With the Macs the wow is I can't believe I left these in the closet for this long, what was I thinking?
Marc Maron's character on his eponymous TV show has a full setup of Mac stuff.