Do we believe in Machina Dynamics?

Let's see: we've had the pebbles, the little clock, the turntable platform that includes only some old springs...and now the Contact Paper CD tweek. Do any of us believe in this? I know Geoff's an advertiser, and actually a very nice guy, but come on, fellow audiophiles...this is all the epitome of snake oil! No?
Every idea was tried, and has failed, numerous times. Despite being a nice guy, all he's selling is audio nonsense.
Wow. How did I miss this thread? Unlike other tweaks in which an infinitessimaly small glimmer of audible improvement might be eeked out (according to the usual technobable), much of this MD stuff is really out there, I mean right "on the edge". Think a Flying, Talking Donkey!
All hail judge Punkuk. Long may he reign as prime determinant of verisimilitude!
No thanks just wanted to voice my frustration at some of the absolutely ludicrous claims that some members buy into.

While I realize that it none of my business what Joe spends his money on but to me it lessens the credibility of our hobby/passion.

Sell this stuff on fleabay but don't peddle it on this reputable site. ( A message to the powers that be why do you allow this nonsense)

And for those who will ask "Have you tried the Magic Pebbles, Rock Salt, Clocks, Calling me on the phone tweak" Majic CD paper" my answer is no I am not that daft.
Punkuk, give me a break, "it lessens the credibility of our hobby/passion." Credibility to whom? If you read any of my posts rather than what Audiofool and Tooly say, you would know that there are some of the MD products that I have found to have adverse impacts. I have not tried the clock, have used the Brilliant Pebbles but no longer as the interact with my preamp.

But it is the inherently anti-science closure that most offends me with the head in the sand ideas that you espoused. Science advances by observation and noting regularities and then seeking to explain them. But even more importantly, we are not really engaged in science on Audiogon or AudioAsylum, rather we are recounting personal experiences. I really don't care whether you will not try them or whether you do and don't hear any benefit. What really offense me is you and Tooly and Audiofool trying with no justification whatsoever to define what is worthwhile. It reminds me of the same fools in the past saying that an electron does not know what wire it passed through, which I first heard from a renown amp designer. Now such perspectives have been discredited.