Do you adjust your subwoofer

I have kef reference 3 speakers and a rel 510 subwoofer 

 I keep the  crossover low and the volume low as well. It gives just a little extra down low

I was wondering if people bump up the subwoofer when using it for movies, just for the extra thrill


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 huge fan of remote volume control in home subs for two channel audio

obviously you don't have to use it....essentially the old better to have and not need over need and not have thing

disclaimer....old school car audio guy here, we loved those bass knobs!








I have a separate set-up for movies with a cheap sub that works just fine.  I never touch it.  

But, I am an occasional tweaker of my REL t9/x sub in the main system.  First, it depends on what speakers I am using at the moment.  If the Snell Type D are in play then the sub gets turned very low.  If it's the LRS or VA Bach Grands then the level goes up a bit.  Second, some recordings just need an extra bass oomph or reduction.  Third, I have two listening positions - my main sweet spot and a little further back and higher where I work at my drafting table.  The sweet spot is pretty neutral with tight full bass but the work spot has a bass bump which can be a bit annoying with some recordings.  So yeah, I'm a sub tweaker. 

I've been considering another REL to help even things out a bit.  But now I am seriously thinking of adding an SVS with app to take care of the adjusting while just leaving the REL on simmer.  

A bit more info, the remote app for my SVS subs is very useful.  Adjust from your fave seat and enjoy.  Can't say enough vs getting up and twiddling knobs in a darkened room.  Glad to see that not everyone buys into set and forget, it was what the engineer intended.  

I’ve got a Rel s510 and once it’s dialed it pretty much stays that way across the board. Possibly a tweak here or there, but rare.