Do you adjust your subwoofer

I have kef reference 3 speakers and a rel 510 subwoofer 

 I keep the  crossover low and the volume low as well. It gives just a little extra down low

I was wondering if people bump up the subwoofer when using it for movies, just for the extra thrill



I would also like to suggest that every audiophile should have a calibrated measurement microphone and program. You will never know what your system is doing unless you measure it. A good program will also give you group delays which will allow you to integrate the subwoofer better.

It is also important to note that the low pass filter supplied with most subs will never integrate a subwoofer to maximal effect. This requires a complete 2 way crossover preferably digital with room control and delay capability (digital bass management)

Removing the low bass from the main speakers increases head room and lowers distortion. It is like doubling the power of your amplifier. 

A proper sub system is a set it and forget it item. I use my system for theater also and I never change settings for theater. The proper adjustment is proper for everything. 

I get that a calibrated to room setup is ideal.  Its the goal. An "all else being equal" thing.  But it requires a test tone/sweep.  Then an actual recording comes up and guess what, you may not feel that they mixed the bass high enough or maybe way to high.  I don't feel it's wrong to adjust it.  Do we sometimes add salt or a sauce to a cook's preparation even at a good restaurant?  I use a hi-pass on my mains, appropriate sub cut-off etc but there are some recordings that just don't seem to have enough bass at all.  Less common,  some seem too hot.  My 2 cents.   

@bigwave1 Please send a link to the test disc you recommend; there are several sold by Granite.

Movie sound tracks have a 4db increase for the LFE channel. So if you are not running a home theater processor adding 4db would be about right.