Do you adjust your subwoofer

I have kef reference 3 speakers and a rel 510 subwoofer 

 I keep the  crossover low and the volume low as well. It gives just a little extra down low

I was wondering if people bump up the subwoofer when using it for movies, just for the extra thrill



Different strokes, I guess.

Since every record is mastered differently, it follows that every record needs a different equalization. The recording engineer gets to choose his EQ - I think that I should get to choose mine.

I built my phono / pre-amp to have auxiliary and sub settings proportional to the main volume control. The pre is right behind my chair. Two auxiliary bass panels and one isobaric sub, crossed over at 200 Hz and 50 Hz respectively, are powered by Bryston amps, yielding a room with fairly uniform bass. (gotta love 350 clean wpc into 8 ohms, especially with 4 ohm speakers, and Bryston pushing current)

With adjustable EQ. My test records just have to lump it.

Just a question for sub users without app control and using low level input. Once the crossover, slope, phase, eq etc are set, can a passive preamp with remote be used to adjust the volume? Of course you set the volume a bit higher than what you want on the sub so you can have room on the passive preamp for adding or lowering volume on the sub when needed. This would be placed between the sub and one of the preouts, two for stereo of the int amp or main preamp.

My room is for music only, not HT.  One Kef KC62 sub.  

This thread has caused me to reflect.  I can say that once the optimization process is complete, it has never occurred to me make an adjustment based on a single song.  What @terry9 says makes sense, but still there’s been no itch to scratch—oddly.  It’s rare for me to take the path of least resistance, but I’ll take it in this case.

When I do explore changes in X-O settings (Hi-passing the mains and Lo-passing the sub) and volume— from my seat using the Lyngdorf App, it is to see if I can optimize the SQ for all songs.  Kinda like one would do playing with toe-in or seat position.    

I’m wide open to the idea of adding a second KC62 but have other HEA fish to fry before doing so.  I hope it is as good as so many say.

Beware of using the published specs to determine how low your main speakers actually go. Try to play a test track with defined frequency levels from Quboz or from wherever and hear how low your speakers will actually perform.

Then, set your sub crossover to enter perhaps a little lower than your main’s will actually play.


If I'm on a Tool jag and want to send ripples through my sternum, I bump my sub to about 1 o'clock or so.  Typically it's at about 11 o'clock.  All other adjustments stay the same.