Do you care about car audio?

I like nice cars and I appreciate the fact that I've been fortunate enough to lease and drive some very nice ones.  I would never drive a luxury car out of warranty, but that's not my point.  My point is, as much as I love audio, I never really had any urge to upgrade my car audio system.  Whatever came with the car was totally satisfactory to me.  Right now, my car came with a somewhat upgraded Meridian stereo, but it is not the full-blown surround/subwoofer deal.  It sounds fine and I've never wanted more than a standard decent car radio had to offer.  
Do you people have any enthusiasm for upgraded car audio as opposed to stock?  Then again, truth be told, I've never listened to the fancy car setups and I might be tempted if I thought it was that much more enjoyable.  Who knows. 
Not a bit.  I have a few 70s cars.  All the radios failed in the end.
I bought blanking plates.

I mostly listen to the radio in my modern car.  Occasionally a CD, usually I take a pile of them for long continental trips.
Good post.  In my daily driver, Corolla, I am finding that at 14 years old, the stock system is getting noisy, etc.  I am thinking of replacing it.  Issue is the speakers.  Even 14 years ago you had to take the entire car apart to replace the factory stuff...pain in the butt.  The head unit comes out in about 2 minutes...nutty.

In my C-2, my daughter wanted to play her music through the sound system.  I bought a VERY expensive head unit that fits the car and has built-in amps.  I put some speakers in the back, but the ones that supposedly fit the front do not.  SO, I contacted the company, who I did business with in the 1980's, and found that the owner's daughter is now running it.  We had a nice exchange, but she is doing nothing to fix the problems with her gear.  SO, I took it upon myself as a former dealer and sometimes car stereo installer to see what I could do.  

Today, I have the only factory A/C C-2 with front speakers that are where they should be, fit fine, sound fine (my daughter likes it; I don't always listen as I enjoy the sound of the car), and everything looks factory.  Also, everything can be removed easily (for a C-2, anyway) and put back to factory in a very short time.

Best of both worlds, and was not all that hard to do once I figured out how to get those front speakers to fit correctly.  Now, I have it if I want it, and the off knob works just fine as well.

As for the Corolla, well, we shall see...

Remember in the 80's one of dad's clients was a car audio installer in a posh commuter area- as a kid I was knocked out by his Porshe 911 with speakers in the headrests and being allowed to sit in it and rev the motor; still gives me a kick thinking about it.

Still running my 1999 BMW E36 coupe which had a Pioneer KEH-P9700R head unit with 12x multi disc changer in the boot, top pioneer speakers and crossovers; when the power amp died I added an Alpine V12 power amp in the boot and the separate DAB unit with a roof aerial- absolutely awesome sound at the time. Had a mic to attach to headrest and auto set up EQ and 2 remotes! Wouldn't swap it for anything 'modern'

When Jazz FM moved to DAB+ put a Kenwood in and sent the Pioneer off for repair- it's still sitting in the garage waiting poss to go in the campervan as it still sounds great and no evil touch screens like all modern cars seem to be cursed with
Got me looking at those very thick battery cables....could the sound of my car audio be improved?
I have a new Hyundai Sonata N-Line and it came with Bose 12 speaker premium audio and I have to say it sounds spectacular.  I listen mostly to HD FM Radio, and Sirius Radio.  Easily the best sound system I’ve ever had in a car, even better than the premium system in my wife’s Lincoln.