Do You Clean Your Ears?

Now you can with the right tools! 😉

May be an image of text that says ’QMAX AUDIOPHILE EAR SWAB 14K Gold Static Adhesion Coupler 100% Micro-plastic free Organic Cotton Shielded Grip’


i just ran my suv through a car wash

i just opened the window and stuck my head out when going through the machine ..... i am a little wet now, but i can hear better 😂🤣

OK, just for those that don’t realize this, this is a joke.


You don’t want to stick a q-tip up your ear canal because it can pile up ear wax and create a big pile and close it off to hearing… also making natural processes of removing ear wax not work. In extreme cases damage your hearing.


You can use an ear wax softener and a warm shower or have your doctor use a warm ear wax removal tool. I guess there are some on the market like a water pick. But be careful, you are playing with a very delicate and possibly irreparable sensor.

Yea you don't wanna use any sort of Q-tip to clean your ears frequently. I actually have a problem with both of my ears as I type this, Left is minor, Right is major. I suspect that there's some sort of wax buildup. When people talk loud or kids yell, there's loud crackling sound in my ear. 

I'm planning to fix the issue by visiting a hair salon. Or an ENT doctor. 

I prefer the occ copper adhesive to gold….I also have heard dipping it in Discwasher fluid helps.

@dill really enjoyed this post. Thanks for the laugh.