Do you ever do this before you listen?

Hello everyone. I was at an audio store today with a friend that was auditioning a pair of speakers and the salesman told us to clear our ears by pinching the nose then blowing through your nose to make the ears pop (clearing them). I have to admit the music sounded  so much better lol. It makes perfect sense why you would want to do this, but I had just never thought of it. So I thought I would see who else is doing this, and maybe discover some other new tricks. SO what strange things do you do routinely before a listing session? (I know thats a loaded question to ask of this group)
Barnettk- the aqueous nasal cavity cleansing is done with your head level or pointed slightly downward so the liquid basically travels into one nostril then over and out the other one, then you reverse the procedure 

a little leaks down the back of your throat and you just spit it out but I’ve never experienced it causing a drowning or water boarding type sensation 

I do it to remove allergens; small pockets of liquid will leak out for a few hours afterwards but as long as you aren’t in public it’s not a big deal - maybe a little ‘gross’ but well worth the effort, not nearly as uncomfortable as you’d imagine - I do it in the shower and try to eliminate as much liquid as I can there 
And then just blow your nose one nostril at a time to clear out the liquid. I have my system...head down and tilted towards draining side and over the sink, then plug the ‘input’ side and blow, then repeat for the other side and repeat again. Easy-peasy 
What the dealer should do before a demo is to pour you a nice drink, give a few minutes for the effect, and then play the music....
So what "clearing" your ears actually does for me is to help equalize the air pressure on both sides of the ear drum allowing my ears to do a better job of transmitting vibration.  You don't have to actually make your ears pop, just push gently and you will get the results you want. When days are sunny (high pressure) there is more pressure from the outside which compresses the ear drum and reduces the ear's ability to hear the music.  I have done this for years without damage.  I imagine frequent flyers and scuba divers do it a lot as well.