Do You Ever Find Yourself Unable to Listen To Your System?

I was unsure how to pose this question.

I don't mean in a any technical capacity, as in, your system for some reason is not sounding good and therefore you can't stand to listen to it or some component is not functioning correctly.

I mean in the sense that your having some issues in life perhaps that is affecting you emotionally or mentally and you are unable to enjoy your system.

For me there is some personal issues that has been affecting me and my family for the past couple of years and there are times I just am not able to sit down and enjoy the rig.

For the past month I have been unable to bring myself to listen to anything. Heck, even hardly been on this forum.

I know different people deal with issue's in different ways. Some might completely immerse themselves in their system to forget about the world for a little bit.

I mean that would make sense. Music is not just enjoyable but therapeutic. 

I should actually be using my system even more in these type of times but I usually just seem to lose interest in things I like when I am a bit mentally disturbed due to some issue going on.

So I am just curious, do you any of completely turn away from your system or the opposite, immerse yourself even more?


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Caffeine is a sleep-killer. So is alcohol. It's hard to enjoy anything when sleep-deprived.
Sometimes you have to force yourself to get back in there.  Force yourself to put some music on some night soon.  Face whatever comes up for you sitting in that listening seat…

EVERYONE on this planet is trying to find balance.

clearly not everyone... just look around at our world

i wish you were right...



i hope you find peace and solace in your current situation, some times life gets to be very very challenging, music is one of many ways to calm and soothe our frazzled nerves

please talk to loved ones or counselors - formal or informal ones - and figure out other ways if music isn't doing it for you right now

best of luck
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Yes. It happens usually when I over change my settings to get "better" sound and then I get a burn out and everything sounds bad. Hasn't happened recently though.