Do you guys like Adele's music?

Do you guys like Adele's music? 
May I suggest the OP answers his/her own question and provide context for the thread, first?
another get approval thread.

If you like that yelling,over the top singing style which seems to be popular these days, just go with it.

Not my cup of tea, but the top of your lungs, dramatic is what the masses appear to like.

I'm sure she can sing "nice" but that won't create interest or sell. Fine on vinyl. And she's foremost an entertainer.
When you say Adele's music, do you mean her voice, her songs, or the total package? My sister introduced me to her (I'm into primarily Americana/Roots/Rural music, ignoring the mainstream/radio stuff), and my immediate reaction was, well at least she has "real" songs, not electronically created bs. And that she is a real singer, unlike the majority today. Now get off my lawn. 
@tablejockey , I’d go further and say that her ’music’ should be banned from all public places, or at least the ones I might frequent. She even managed to wreck a great song like Skyfall, and to think it was a Dylan song that helped to launch her.

Her nauseous stomach turning ’singing’ is beyond gross. Of course I would never wish to stop any masochists from indulging in such painful gruel - as long as they kept such noise pollution away from me.

No amount of layering of strings etc can make that garbage vocal palateble as far as I’m concerned. I hope I’m not being too vague on the subject.
Whether or not you like her music she is a poster child for the impact of the loudness wars. Check the dynamic range dB. “19” was just about listenable (average DR 8), “21” was bad (DR 7) and “25” ear blisteringly awful (DR 5).

And to think Greg Kurstin won a Grammy for this rubbish - luckily his work with his own band (The Bird and the Bee) is well recorded and sounds great.

We can thank some of the 80's "entertainers" for this now accepted style of "art"? Mariah Carey comes to mind.

Vocal range of 20 octaves and delivering in every chorus, is mandatory. Add dramatic background dancers for the video naturally.

Muzak doesn't seem so bad now...

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*squinting Fry meme* can’t tell if most here are too old to like anything new or don’t remember singers of their own eras that sounded pretty much the same. 
I repeat (at 67) I really like her music, her songs, her performance, her (apparent) personality, pretty much all of it.  Oh, and it has little to nothing to do with dynamic range, I see her as a real talent.  But clearly some here strongly disagree.  Not a surprise, we tend to not agree on very much, as a race of humans, these days.  
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Hmmm. Well I think she has a nice voice, but I don’t really care for her records. However my wife  LOVEs her music so I have to like it by proxy. Lol. If we go on a long car trip un-doubtably there will be some Adel involved :( 
She’s very talented, but I don’t care for her albums. In my opinion, her live covers of others are exceptional though.
The studio albums seem harsh and compressed, but Adele has powerful talent IMO. Check out her live “Someone Like You” on NPR Tiny Desk:

I'm a fan. I like her voice, songs and arrangements. I'm 73 years old. You can stick your dynamic range argument up your...
Have a listen to Alison Moyet, she would have run circles around Adele at the same age in her day (80/90's). 
Love her voice and music. Not a big fan of the recording on any of the cds or vinyl.
I divide musical performers into two groups: those I can live without, and those I can't. From the little I've heard from Adele (another 1-name entertainer?), she is in the former category. I hear much worse these days (not just these days. I always despised The Velvet Underground/Lou Reed, Jane's Addiction/Porno For Pyros/Perry Ferrell, and a whole lot more), and some I like more. I wish her well, she seems like a great person.
Just listened/watched the youtube "Someone Like You"...  She's flat most of the song.. Not impressed by this live performance...  So... NO to the question.
Adele's SONGWRITING' is what is covered throughout the known galaxy.

Her voice 'in front of the music' allows understanding her words readily, and she conveys the emotions of the words extremely well.

Her ability to hold long notes is terrific. I think long notes let your brain/heart experience and feel the thought or emotion more deeply.

Tone of her voice is a personal preference, I love her songwriting first, her voice and ability next.
@tablejockey, well you know the music industry was never about talent, never about art - it was always about sales and it always will be. The biggest selling artists have done little else than provide largely forgettable landfill for future generations to puzzle about.

Seriously, if you manage to listen to some of the biggest selling vocalists concentrating on the vocals above the music, you are likely to suffer.

In some cases like Adele, Aretha and other experts of empty vocal pyrotechnics largely lacking any sense of humanity etc - really suffer.

Sure, quality acts like the Velvets, Joy Division, Nick Drake amongst others who sold next to nothing in their time have been exonerated saleswise somewhat in the due course of time but the only act to fabulously succeed on both commercial and artistic grounds were, well you don’t need it spelling out do you?

Oh OK then, let me say it that without the Beatles to lend it artistic and commercial respectability the music industry does indeed seem to atifify the famous Hunter S Thompson quote,

"The music business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs. There’s also a negative side."
She's good, but I despised how she was promoted to superstar status so early in her career. Becoming a superstar takes staying power and at least a few years and at least a few albums of high quality music. After her first album, some people were calling her the greatest female singer ever. Nope, that label comes with sustained greatness.

I have a kinda rare Joy Division "Unknown Pleasures" Given to me in 1980, by a friend who was hip to the changing music scene. I was still  clinging to my Zep and Stones. 

Its not an uber rare Brit press, but still a US early copy.
It's had numerous plays on awful tables, but surprisingly the music prevails!
Great thread.

Adele is supremely talented.  She has the pipes to rival anyone out there.  She's got control and power. She can convey emotion.  Her lyrics are readily accessible and discernible. 

But, and it's a big but, subjectively I've always thought she needs a better producer and some creative direction.  Why does she go 0 to 60 or even 90 on every song--or seemingly every song?  Why is the music so tense that I want to pull my hair out?  Could she just allow some air into the studio for all of our sakes?   Air, space between notes, rests....she needs all of this in my opinion. Oh, and can't she do some other voices than belt-it-out.  

Take a listen to Imelda May's album, Life Love Flesh Blood.  Adele can you please, for the love of your talent make something like this? PLEASE!

Adele is amazing but needs her own George Martin to help her get to her peak.  

@tablejockey - good for you. The music will always prevail because there was no faking with Ian Curtis.
I’ve still got my original UK pressing (but no turntable)! I’m also happy with my 4 CD Heart and Soul box which might be the best digital transfer to date.

@jbhiller - possibly a more sympathetic producer could tame the raucous nonsense being displayed - GM did wonders with Killer, I mean Cilla Black. Those early string laden lush productions of his hid her vocal deficiencies quite well.

From cloakroom attendant to superstar in easy steps - provided you had the drive, the contacts and the savy to know which way the the wind was blowing.

Other talents like Beryl Marsden and Pete Best decided to take different paths.

I'll check out that Imelda May album. Not heard any of her stuff for years, maybe a bit retro but I don't remember it being painful to listen to, or anything like it! 
@cd318,  That Imelda May album is very different from her rockabillly/retro stuff.  It's really elegant.  I think someone big produced it like T Bone Burnett.
+1 on Imelda May “Flesh and Blood”. Ladies like her underrated, and under appreciated. No marketing machine behind her I guess. Only heard Adele once, did not care for it. I like female singers though. Joni, Sade, Dinah Washington, Aimee Mann, The Internet (Ego Death), Aretha, Sergio Mendes Brazil 66, Mamas & Pappas, Diunna Greenleaf, Supremes, etc., etc. 
I rank her right down there with Mariah, Whitney and the other shouters. The rest of the world can like her but I have not heard anything I would listen to again.
Adele style for me is grating although I do understand her commercial attraction.  I don't care for her voice, she has a strong voice however its irritating, on the other hand a singer like Shirley Bassey also has a strong voice but I do like its delivery and when she sang 'Gold Finger' it is peerless, in the lap of the gods! 

I'm not a big Adele fan. However, when I'm craving some great female vocals, I'll always go to Norah Jones first album.

Love me some Sade as well.

Although I don’t own any of her stuff other than the 7" 45rpm "Skyfall", I think she’s a wonderful talent. From what I hear, that she's very self-deprecating in concert, kind of sets her apart from the divas.