Do you know how Kirksaeter speakers sound?

Trying to get some idea of how Kirksaeter speakers sound, specifically the Prisma 210, but also in general.

Not much out there, but the spec's seem good, the deal on Agon for a new pair seem like a bargain.

Thanks in advance.
I listened to a pair about 8-10 years ago and they sounded great. Sorry I can't remember the model.
Heard a few models at an HE show a few years back. Nice, balanced sound without any glare or edge, IMO.
I've had the Prisma 55 and the center for years and love them. Really balanced sound and handle volume and bass amazingly well for their size. I did auditions at several places in the $500/pair range over a two day period. Took my own music to listen to at each place. These were the faves in that price range. Wife agreed.