Do You Love Music or Do You Love Hi-Fi?

I know a lot of hi-fi enthusiasts who seem to have poor taste in music but can talk all day about their audio gear. I got into the high end audio hobby because of my love for music first and foremost, and this has done a pretty good job in guiding my decisions around what equipment to buy. Don't get me wrong, I Jones really hard on gear, but at the end of the day it's not about the gear but how great the music I love sounds on the gear I buy. I study music and learn all I can to discover new music to enjoy, regardless of the genre, but I am certain that I will not be investing in the latest Jennifer Warnes vinyl re-issues. I also wonder why Mo-Fi issued the first three Foreigner albums on vinyl. Are there really that many hard core audiophiles asking for this? There are so many great recordings that are begging for the high end vinyl treatment, it makes me wonder who these people are making decisions about what to release on these labels? I'm sure the entire Don Henley catalog is coming soon from one of these labels.
OK, I'm done ranting, but I really do want to hear what others think about this. Or is it just me? Is it about the gear or is it about the music for you?
My enjoyment of my gear is so that even if it is off I yet appreciate the build and beauty of it. At the end of the day it always comes back to the music. Love listening to the music on my ipod or in the car and especially on my home system The experience is made all the better with a good system, or headphones etc. I thrive for the best play back I can, if I don't have it, I still get a kick out of listening to the tunes.
I love music despite all efforts most hifi gear does to avoid it. Within my budget limits, when I have to choose, I always prioritize musicality over audiophile parameters (detail, speed, soundstage,...). I'd obviously like to have the perfect sound, but below it, I prefer compromising sound over music.

I wonder if many of us have discovered the 'vice' of hifi during our search of a better reproduction of our music, as an unexpected collateral damage. You know, is very difficult not to love it if you know it in depth.

Great question, by the way.
First, foremost, and far above and beyond gear, music. I could easily go the rest of my life with my music library and a boom box if I had to. I am grateful for the gear Ive owned that heightens my experience as much as it has, but it is by no means necessary for me to enjoy music. That notion is absurd to me.
Ice cream first and cake second, pie third, tarts forth, my dog sixth. I have probably spent more on them than any music system(just kidding but it might be true) but I do really enjoy music.
Schubert nice comment a balanced perspective of reality regarding mother and wife.
Thromgard and Jbuenech my sentiments also. Get good sound and enjoy what it is for, the music. We will never have perfect sound.