Do You Love Music or Do You Love Hi-Fi?

I know a lot of hi-fi enthusiasts who seem to have poor taste in music but can talk all day about their audio gear. I got into the high end audio hobby because of my love for music first and foremost, and this has done a pretty good job in guiding my decisions around what equipment to buy. Don't get me wrong, I Jones really hard on gear, but at the end of the day it's not about the gear but how great the music I love sounds on the gear I buy. I study music and learn all I can to discover new music to enjoy, regardless of the genre, but I am certain that I will not be investing in the latest Jennifer Warnes vinyl re-issues. I also wonder why Mo-Fi issued the first three Foreigner albums on vinyl. Are there really that many hard core audiophiles asking for this? There are so many great recordings that are begging for the high end vinyl treatment, it makes me wonder who these people are making decisions about what to release on these labels? I'm sure the entire Don Henley catalog is coming soon from one of these labels.
OK, I'm done ranting, but I really do want to hear what others think about this. Or is it just me? Is it about the gear or is it about the music for you?

I agree with all your points. I don't think the vast majority of people buy high-end for show. I appreciate well made beautiful things also. If money was no object would I have the system I have now? NO WAY! My point of contention with high-end audiophiles, is that they seem to think that ANYTHING that can be identified, can be HEARD by humans. Also that high-grade components will always be HEARD. I just beg to disagree.
I realize they also say measuements have nothing to do with how a piece sounds.
I like both, and for me the hobby is about both. One could ask "On which do you spend more money?" My guess is that most of us spend more on one than on the other. And only a few of us spend about the same on each.

I find it interesting that most contributers to this thread don't have "system" links. Nor do they describe their music preferences.
Peterayer makes a fun point: "I find it interesting that most contributers to this thread don't have "system" links. Nor do they describe their music preferences."

I had the same system for 20+ years, and only changed it just now in the name of visual appeal. Should probably update that. As far as music preferences, I'm a true omnivore (audiovore?), so I'm not really categorizable that way, either. Everything is too simplistic, right?

I once did a "random" play on my portable, and listed the first 30 songs that came up. People thought I was kidding! It was everything from Haydn's "Nelson" mass to Faiz Ali Faiz (amazing qawwal, next Nusrat Ali Khan), the Minutemen, Olivia Newton-John, Melt-Banana, Sinatra, Wu-Tang, Peter Brotzmann etc, etc.

Great music is great music, and I try not to limit myself, like lots of folks, I imagine.
I tried to list my system in vitrual systems once, but could not get it to work. Besides everyone knows what polk speakers look like. And my Marantz PM 7200 is no beauty either. Just non-descript lo-fi stuff. The most expensive. my speakers and sacd player, but both laughable low cost by the standards of this site. It is possible that I have the cheapest system on audiogon.

My primary musical preferences:
I like classical, Some Italian Opera, Bop / hard bop Jazz, 60's - 80's pop and blues (delta blues)Some bluegrass and some gospel. Today I received CDs from Amazon: Ray Charles, Oscar Peterson, Bach -Julia Fischer, Vivaldi-Fabio Biondi. and McCoy Tyner.
I find it interesting that most contributers to this thread don't have "system" links. Nor do they describe their music preferences.

My musical preferences are also all over the board. Somewhat eclectic in some sense. Not much pop or rock or rap or country. Heavy leanings towards folk, alt-folk, alt, world, early music, and female vocals. Not sure what difference it makes in the context of the thread though. Current library is around 1800 albums I guess. What are you suggesting in asking that? What connection are you suggesting about specific musical tastes?

My system? You can see my system right here. It's highly modified from stock though.