Do You Love Music or Do You Love Hi-Fi?

I know a lot of hi-fi enthusiasts who seem to have poor taste in music but can talk all day about their audio gear. I got into the high end audio hobby because of my love for music first and foremost, and this has done a pretty good job in guiding my decisions around what equipment to buy. Don't get me wrong, I Jones really hard on gear, but at the end of the day it's not about the gear but how great the music I love sounds on the gear I buy. I study music and learn all I can to discover new music to enjoy, regardless of the genre, but I am certain that I will not be investing in the latest Jennifer Warnes vinyl re-issues. I also wonder why Mo-Fi issued the first three Foreigner albums on vinyl. Are there really that many hard core audiophiles asking for this? There are so many great recordings that are begging for the high end vinyl treatment, it makes me wonder who these people are making decisions about what to release on these labels? I'm sure the entire Don Henley catalog is coming soon from one of these labels.
OK, I'm done ranting, but I really do want to hear what others think about this. Or is it just me? Is it about the gear or is it about the music for you?
I find it interesting that most contributers to this thread don't have "system" links. Nor do they describe their music preferences.

My musical preferences are also all over the board. Somewhat eclectic in some sense. Not much pop or rock or rap or country. Heavy leanings towards folk, alt-folk, alt, world, early music, and female vocals. Not sure what difference it makes in the context of the thread though. Current library is around 1800 albums I guess. What are you suggesting in asking that? What connection are you suggesting about specific musical tastes?

My system? You can see my system right here. It's highly modified from stock though.
I love listening to music on my hi-fi. There......that was easy! Happy Listening, Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year.
Rok2id. When I first came aboard, I had a 20 yr old system consisting of a HK 730 receiver, Magnavox CDB 650 cdp, Infinity RS 5000 speakers and a Dual 1237 TT. A decent system in its day, but not audiophile quality for the time. I don't have deep pockets. I didn't really know a lot about the newer equipment. But I had a love affair with music.

There were a lot of good people on this site who were a great help to me. Their systems dwarfed mine. And little doubt that some had pockets deeper than I would ever have. But guess what. I never ever felt like they looked down on me. I still remember Joe Trelja telling me that it was about the music and not about how much $$$ one can spend. I believe Joe had a very nice system at the time. I have since replaced the 20 yr old system with some pretty good stuff. But in the scheme of things it is still a somewhat modest system in comparison to the very top shelf equipment available

It is unfortunate that there seems to be a backlash against top shelf equipment and those who can afford it in todays music circles. I just had a similar conversation over on Vinyl Asylum. People who helped me gently nudged me towards good quality gear that I could afford. There was a sense and desire to excell. To better one's system if possible and affordable. Because of that I have a pretty darn good sounding system. But I don't see that desire to excell and have better today.

Just today, a person came on Vinyl Asylum and asked for suggestions for a $1k turntable and cartridge. The table that was suggested to him is available on Ebay for $29,95. The cartridge can be had for $100. Now there is nothing wrong with a TT which costs $129,00 if that is the best you can do. But by this time the bearing in that TT is shot and the motor and electronics are weak and on their last leg. We all started somewhere. But staying on the starting line when one can do better makes me wonder if one is really interested in the music. And someone suggesting a 30 yr old TT which was never really that good when it was new has done the person asking for recomendations a disservice, especially when that person had the budget to get a pretty decent start. But this seems to be the state of music reproduction today. Cheap seems to be the goal rather than high fidelity. In any hobby which you get into, you will quickly learn that it usually costs more than you thought, especially for the good parts and pieces. HiFi is no different. Because it is expensive doesn't necessarily mean it is better. But the odds are pretty high that the more expensive is better.

Considering some of the posts I wonder if this is not just a backlash against the high dollar equipment and the people who are fortunate enough to own it. Be careful not to shoot yourself in the foot. Nice expensive gear is listed for sale every day on Agon by those who are moving up the ladder and maybe even chasing gear. They sell their nice gear at a fraction of the cost to people like you and I who's pockets may not be as deep. And because of that I can afford equipment that I otherwise may not be able to afford

You may be surprised at how friendly and helpful some of these people are if you just give them a chance. And you may be surprised at the system you can put together for a reasonable cost. Notice, I didn't say cheap. Any hobby usually costs to play. And cheap equipment, whether it be guns, golf clubs, tennis rackets race cars or stereos will usually give you much poorer results than the more expensive and better engineered equipment.

Peace and Merry Christmas