Do you own the last amp you'll ever buy?

What is the average lenghth of time a component will stay in your system before you upgrade? Are certain components less apt to be replaced than others? Do speakers tend to stay in a system longer than amps or preamps? If you've finally found the Holy Grail, how many years and changes did it take until you found it? Just curious.
I seem to roll over a complete system about every 10 years, and I still have all the amps I ever built or purchased. I can't imagine a more desirable amp than I have, but I'm sure it will happen. I've gone from tubes to SS to tubes - what's next?
Actually, let me ammend my above post: I'd not only need the right speakers, but also a willingness to spend a lot more money, plus a toleration for gear that's physically large and heavy and gives off too much heat - Hmmm...maybe I will be staying with my current amps for a good while.
Yes. I'm done with my reference system. However, there are room for play in my second system with DIY projects. As far as amp, preamp and speakers choices, as long as they're good match, it is very subjective to taste. Some folks prefer Shiraz and some prefer cabernet. As long as you find what you like, there is no need to switch unless you find some noticeable flaws in your system. As far as amplification goes, I started out with my speaker as the reference point due to size requirement. The amp would be the second and then the preamp. Therefore, I tend to switch preamp from time to time to fulfill my curiousity but not to mess up the sound I already have.

I have not switch my speakers yet because I have not find a better monitor speakers in the same size that could even come close to what this speaker can offer and I have audition over a dozen. I've only switched amp once because my friend wanted to buyback his amp. However, I did replace it with better sounding amp but ugly looks and cheaper price. I did switch preamp twice. Started off with most well known preamp from the 1990s to the vintage 1960s and back to 1990s. In the end, I found better sound for half of the cost I started out with.

As far as source selection, I have not switch any component since they all met my expectation before the purchase. I did modify the CD player myself and compared with much more impressive units which cost 10 times the prices and find my unit quite satisfactory.

My hifi rules: You either get best for the money or best of the best.
i.e. My budget for the CD player was around $300~$400 range new or used. I did find the best player for the money. For the tuner, I wanted best of the best ( in my opinon of course.) so I bought the Mac MR-71 and sent to Richard Moderfferi for the upgrade. For the TT setup, I also wanted best of the best, I then got myself the VDH Black Beauty cartridge (VDH really made my LP sing the way I like) to go with my VPI/Graham setup.

It took me couple years before I found "the Holy Grail." I've done much reading, chatting with users and manufactures, and experimenting with other's idea plus my own inputs.
If you do have audiophile friends whom already have good equipment knowledge database in their heads then it will take much shorter time to reach your goal (Golden ears A Must.)
Sometimes it is hard to convince some folks about cables that can make a difference. Even the speaker stand's height, material and shape can make a big difference. The Jitter in digital source can be cleanup with external clock circuit. I was able to prove my own findings from DIY projects but I also realized that there is no need try to convince the "subjective minded" folks out there so I stop giving my opinions on equipments and DIY stuff.

Happy Listening!

Just my 2 cents sums up about being an audiophile (freak)