Do you past equipment appear in your dreams?

I see recurring dreams about an Audio Innovations tube amp I used to have. In the dream I suddenly remember I need to get new tubes, after then everything becomes difficult.


That amp was great, a bargain. It broke, of course, and somehow my dad got rid of it, took it to a crap metal shop maybe.


So in his book about analyzing dreams, did Freud have a section on tube amps vs solid state?  And another on digital vs analog?

I often dream about how to install new equipment I just purchased. Seriously.

I’ve had my system 45 years now, just these last few years that I’ve spent getting my JVC QL Y-66F TT in spec & JBL 240Ti speakers restored. Finally having everything all put back together again sounding like I remember has been a dream, but now I am DREAMING ahead and will be adding both of these jewels to the system.

Both a Rogue Cronos Magnum III all tube integrated amp and a separate
Rogue Ares Magnum II tube phono preamplifier which includes an isolated independent power supply, like Chef Emeril says "to take it up a notch".
P.S. I lust for all the guitars and amplifiers that I've loved and lost in the past.