Do you plan to buy The Beatles CD remasters?

And if so, will you be going for the stereo or the mono? The release is close enough now -- 09/09/09 -- that I'm starting to get pretty excited about this -- though I'm really not sure which to get. Maybe both? Nah, that would be awfully excessive, wouldn't it? But, we are talking about The Beatles, after all, so maybe ...
What are your thoughts?
No. I have Beatles vinyl I bought back in the '60's when I was a kid. It's in good condition and I have a respectable turntable, so there's no need to buy it again in CD format. If I want convenience, I'll just rip it into my computer from the vinyl.
NO..I too have all the beatles vinyl from my youth in the 60's and all only played once..
As Vanila Ice said (Just Dupe It)if needed to CD
Of course if you don't have all the original Vinyl then it would be a go.