Do you remember when Audiogon was just a bulletin board classified ad site?

I wonder if anyone else remembers Audiogon from 15+ years ago. I remember visiting the site daily scrolling through all the listings. Back then posting was free and you had an endless number of ads.  It had as many used audio listings as Ebay. I can remember buying a Paradigm CC-200 and also a pair of Paradigm ADP-150's  back around 1999. Those were my first two purchases. How about you?
TWL yes,  and let's not forget Tireguy either Tim was always had great opinions and advice and was a cool guy.
Didn't twl (Tom) leave to start or join an audio company.
Was it Starsound Technologies?

It was good to read Elizabeth's remarks about the LP's she bought from me -- glad you still enjoy them SC53. I first started posting to A-gon in the late 1990's and really miss the level of discussion we had back then. Not the old A-gon anymore...

P.S. I'm going to sell more of my LP collection later this spring. Drop me a note if you'd like to receive a list of titles.
I enjoyed Al's story about Walt Bender being upset with Al's (over) pricing a piece of equipment.  I'm pretty sure the reason Walt was upset was because Walt  had a (bitterly criticized!) reputation for cherry-picking the listings before he published them (and then re-listing them for a small profit ;-)   And, I'm just guessing (sic), that Walt wanted Al's gear for himself, but for less money . . . . 

In addition to Audio Mart, my living in LA gave me access to the Sunday Los Angeles Times classified section which usually carried a pretty respectable selection of audio gear.  Stereophile's classified section was also a good resource for private party listings all over the country, until the internet made it obsolete.