Do You Remember Your First CD Player?

I had owned the first of the first. I purchased the unit in 1982. It was a Sony CDP 101. It was the most obnoxious, raspy, annoying, piercing, grading, non-musical component I had ever heard.

Also, at the time, the complete CD library that was available consisted of about 15 CDs.

Now? I listen to my newest CD rig more than I listen to my turntable. My, how times have changed.

What was your first CD player and when did you purchase it?
These are memories best forgotten. Those who do remember may need to seek treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder! I remember the first one I heard in Boulder Colorado through a pair of Acoustat 2+2s. I was friends with the staff there, and we looked at each other in disbelief. None of us could convince ourselves that the horrible sound we were hearing was the promised perfection, and that we just needed to get used to the lack of distortion associated with analog.

I then owned a high-end store during the early years and refused to sell those horrific things. I eventually sold the Sonograph because it was rolled off in the highs, relatively cheap and could be listened to for up to 5 minutes without complete audio fatigue. Those were dark (perhaps bright) days best forgotten. As recently discussed in Stereophile by Art Dudly, there are no classic early CD players. Seek treatment if necessary.

I remember my first actual cd player and my first "good" cd player. My first was a Sharp that came with a rack system I received for xmass. My first CD was Cream...dont remember the album. My first real cd player was a Nakamichi MB2s music bank cdplayer with dig out and gold rca connectors. That was actually a great sounding player!
Next question? Does anyone remember the ridiculous 1 foot long cd boxes that cds came in at first!!
Wow how we have evolved...
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I had an early Sony myself. I experienced the same results as Buscis2, and could hardly bare to listen to it. One day, I had a CD playing, and had walked in to another room. Moments later I heard a horrible screeching sound, and ran back into the room to find the CD tray open and the disc 10 feet away on the floor. The machine had the nerve to spit out the CD. I guess it didn't like jazz.

Anyhow, I took it in for repair, and it was DOA. The model was no longer in production, so the store gave me credit towards a new one of my choosing. I took the opportunity to move up the ladder quite a bit, and settled on a Denon DCD-1560 which performed quite nicely. I sold that unit about 4 years ago, but sometimes wish I had kept it as a transport, as it had a really heavy duty mechanism.
Bang & Olufsen CDX. I still have it in my office system. Amazing for a piece of equipment purchased in 1984.
H. H. Scott in 1986, I forgot the model #. Paid $200. I was one of those fooled by " perfect sound forever". However, I was listening to rock (full volume) at that time through Dahlquist Monitor 7s ( It must have made all my music sound bright anyway). I was using all my spare money to buy CDs and replaced many of my LPs (sigh).

I sold the player to a friend in 1989 for $100. She is still using it in a vintage system. I replaced it with a Nakamichi Changer CDC3 or 4A (can't remember which).