Do You Remember Your First CD Player?

I had owned the first of the first. I purchased the unit in 1982. It was a Sony CDP 101. It was the most obnoxious, raspy, annoying, piercing, grading, non-musical component I had ever heard.

Also, at the time, the complete CD library that was available consisted of about 15 CDs.

Now? I listen to my newest CD rig more than I listen to my turntable. My, how times have changed.

What was your first CD player and when did you purchase it?
Yep! Mine was a Meridian 206B. Still have it and it is used regularly. Not as good as my vinyl front-end Platine Verdier, Allaerts MC1B and Schroeder model 2. However, still pretty musical and reliable.
An NAD 502(?) in 1985. Reasonably mediocre, but more listenable than most available at the time. I agree with Art Dudley, there are no classic early CD players.
A Radio Shack 1985 model. I still use it in my kitchen with a pair of active AR speakers.
There are in my humble opinion no classic CD players.The 1st one I had was the Akai,the one that the door or lid opend up like a slot to put the cD in.1st CD was Stevie Wonder with the cut Part Time Lover.
The news was a surprise to me when DGG announced they will digitalize all their recordings more than 20 years ago and it triggered a new era.
But I was a late converter. For the first 5 years, the sound was too bright for me to make a purchase. I waited and waited until Luxmann 105U and Ariston CD players became available. They were reasonably priced CD players can really sing at that time. Ariston was the choice in 1988 for about $650 in Taiwan. That was all allowances I saved in my undergraduate days. No other entertainment for me for the rest of my undergraduate days except playing tennis. Purchased a Carver 490T (very similar to Luxmann 105U) after I came to USA and ends up with BAT VK-D5 now. The CD library is now above 1,200.