Do you remember?

I was listening to a cd (Chico Freeman)with my Aragon 24k pre and wondered why this company is no longer with us. Great build,parts,and sonics. I then recalled a spkr I once owned-Kestral-and also pondered as to why it bit the dust. What do you remember where jaw meet floor applied and is know longer made. This may have been threaded before so forgive me as I don't write often. Enjoy the music.
John, you have that back asswards: they don't gouge the buyer, so they don't reap the rewards of the fundamental equation of high-enders, that is more money always equals better sound. Designing, manufacturing and marketing hi-fi electronics is not what high-enders make it out to be. That people can't comprehend economies of scale and that they believe that companies who can only build things in small runs, and consequently sell at prices that are way too high, produce the best sounding equipment is what normally kills companies offering products with a superior price/performance ratio. The other outfits have latched on to this reality and are only more than willing to inflate their prices to sell their stuff to people who need to inflate their fragile egos.
Pbb, first of all it's bass ackwards. Secondly, I don't really understand how you said anything differently than what I said. Different words, but the same general philosophy. You are saying these companies went under because they didn't charge enough money for their products, correct? That is what I was saying.

Or are you blaming the consumer and not the company? I would tend to disagree with this. Ultimately, the company can only blame themselves for their financial liability. I cannot blame the company I work for if my finances aren't in order. It's simple economics, if you aren't making enough profit margin to stay in business, you either raise your prices, cut corners or go out of business. Especially if your theory is correct, and people out here are just dying to pay more money.

Obviously, designing, manufacturing and marketing hi-fi electronics is not what some manufacturers make it out to be either. Otherwise, they'd still be with us.

FWIW, companies that offer exceptional value and cannot stay afloat because of it is not limited to audio. That is why the Hudson automobile company went under many years ago. Naturally companies love to get their foot in the door by offering exceptional quality at bargain prices. Once in the door, you have to play the game in order to stay in the game. That would mean to lower quality and/or raise prices to pay the price of doing business.

Otherwise, you wind up in a "Do you remember?" thread.

Nice replies from all. Some of the companies mentioned I did own-Spica,Apogee,once considered Kinergetics(did I spell that right)at one point. Alas gone but not forgotton.

As a follow up to my first answer, now I think I know what caused the demise of Sonic Frontiers: I was looking at the new listings for the day and there was one for an SF preamp, looked at the pictures and now I'm certain I know what done it: the ugly gold faceplate! Why would anyone not want anything but the beautiful black faceplate I will never know.
Pbb, they make the gold for the Far East. I've been told that 75% of the North American high end manufacturers business is from Asia. The Asians like gold, and shiny looks. That's why silver and gold are so popular with high end manufacturers. Not for the USA, but for their main customers in Asia, where black is repulsive.

FWIW, I agree with you, I prefer black faceplates.