Do you spend more time analyzing the sound of your system, worrying it could be better?

Great article here from Dan Wright of ModWright:

If it Sounds Good, It IS Good



That’s about as concise as a version as the false-dilemma driving this thread can get.

False dilemma: Either you love your system’s sound (and are just agog, all the time, passive) or you are neurotic (frantic, chasing the dream).

The third option is the happy tinkerer. The experimenter.


Very clear thinking!


This false dilemna is related to another one...


Either you make of your gear brand name a fetich, claiming that it is your subjective TASTE,

Or you claim that the measuring specs tell all there is to tell about your gear, and then the objective measuring process and tools are the fetich...

the third option is acoustic/psycho-acoustic process where the SUBJECTIVE EARS and the OBJECTIVE MEASURES are CORRELATED continuously in acoustic experiments and tuning...

It is the reason why i became an experimenter in acoustic...

We listen to the system/ room relation not to the gear ALONE or DIRECTLY , and the acoustic measures are AT LEAST as important as the electrical one because in acoustic we LISTEN to assess and test what we just measure in the room ...


I spend time listening to music. The system disappears in the room and is replaced by musicians all in their proper position on stage. The original performance reproduced.

Isn’t everyone’s system like that? Isn’t that the reason we have good systems?


To point to what bpoletti just said, I became involved with hi-fi audio to become more engaged and satisfied with this beautiful, precious thing called music.  If I then engage in inordinate fretting and anxiety, that’s on me.  I’ve accepted that this is my personality and that I need to balance these proclivities with healthy gratitude  for what many would consider indulgent extravagances.  

There’s nothing wrong with people whose enjoyment is the “process” itself: analyzing, tweaking, experimenting, etc.  If people do what they want and it ain’t hurtin’ anybody, no harm no foul.


Listen to the music dammit.  NOT the sound.

Lean back in your chair, put your feet up.  Relax, enjoy, and try to stop worrying.

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