Do You Tell Others How Much You Have Invested in Your System?

Putting security and personal safety issues aside, do you share with others how much you have invested in your system?

I can see cases when we share with those who are generally interested what the "tariff" is for superb audio reproduction. Or, those who are already know how tall you have to be to ride the ride.

Can you think of any other reasons (accountants, lawyers, insurance, etc)? Afterall, when your spouses second cousin pulls in the driveway in their Minivan, bragging about fact that you have $10k invested in cables may not be the best way show common interests?

What say you?


First of all, almost nothing in the audio world is an "investment" with the exception of some rare pieces. Second of all, no one has ever asked me what anything cost but if they did, I'd likely tell them. We all spend our money on something.

Guitar player in my band thinks I'm nuts as he buys and sells guitars every 5 minutes and does the same with his Jeeps :)

He has a Visio soundbar.

I'll tell people if they ask. I've been frugal all my life and finally splurged. I still work my balls off at 55, I'll buy whatever I want.

51 years ago I bought a Fisher Model 222 Studio Standard receiver. A pair of Fisher 101 2-way bookshelf speakers. And a Dual 1225 turntable. Total cost about $400 as I recall. The most I’ve ever spent as a % of available funds. It started a nice journey. I now have much more expensive gear but it’s a much smaller piece of the puzzle. What you spend is only proportional to what you have to spend. You don’t need to share it. Just be thankful you can do it.

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