Do You Tell Others How Much You Have Invested in Your System?

Putting security and personal safety issues aside, do you share with others how much you have invested in your system?

I can see cases when we share with those who are generally interested what the "tariff" is for superb audio reproduction. Or, those who are already know how tall you have to be to ride the ride.

Can you think of any other reasons (accountants, lawyers, insurance, etc)? Afterall, when your spouses second cousin pulls in the driveway in their Minivan, bragging about fact that you have $10k invested in cables may not be the best way show common interests?

What say you?


I can purchase a couple of nice sounding cables for under $100. Room, speaker placement, component matching all matter more. Most situations do not involve throwing $10,000 in cables to get a noticeable improvement in sound. If you spend $10,000 on cables you have more $$$$ than you know what to do with. I heard a pair of $50,000  speakers, on $30,000 of Amp, preamp, and it did not sound good. He had large speaker cables about 1/2" diameter, huge interconnects.

1. The room was crummy. A bose wave radio would have put it to shame.

Very true. I have seen $20K+ speakers a foot from a wall in a maybe 10'X15' room with all expensive tube electronics and it sounded like all bass, overwhelming all the instruments. Fed by over a $20K multi-arm turntable. What a waste of $$. Who knows how much the cables cost, but I am sure they aren't cheap. They looked very thin, so maybe silver? Who knows.

I guess if you have a mid 6 figure system, $10K cables are par for the course, and you can hear a difference.