Do You Tell Others How Much You Have Invested in Your System?

Putting security and personal safety issues aside, do you share with others how much you have invested in your system?

I can see cases when we share with those who are generally interested what the "tariff" is for superb audio reproduction. Or, those who are already know how tall you have to be to ride the ride.

Can you think of any other reasons (accountants, lawyers, insurance, etc)? Afterall, when your spouses second cousin pulls in the driveway in their Minivan, bragging about fact that you have $10k invested in cables may not be the best way show common interests?

What say you?


Only if they ask. And I only point my fingers. Which likely makes them put a price in the 100s. Which is fine with me 😉🤷‍♂️

I've told no-one, despite being repeatedly asked by:  my wife, my brother, friends etc

Some prices can easily be researched.  Any fool can google the current price of a 3-way ATC speaker (SCM40).  But no way am I telling anyone I spent £1500 on a USB cable - I still can't believe it myself, to be honest.

Over a few beers I came perilously close to telling a friend how much I'd spent.  He plays in one of the UK's best orchestras and loves his music, though barely has 2 cents to rub together.  He said he understands how important music is to me, but I really couldn't rub his nose in my wanton spending.

I justify it by remembering it's a hobby which brings me pleasure and a respite of the soul.  Plus, the money I spent (£20k) was inherited, and being slowly eaten by 10% inflation, and flatlined equity markets.

I just wish I could now stop.  

@zufan - it's a good point regarding the other luxuries.  I partly funded my system by selling my Omega after I realised I'd spend more servicing it than I had on buying it 15 years ago.   

Think of those who might spend 50k on a Porsche, then only drive it around town at 30mph