Do you think LP needs break-in to sound its best?

Most of the time brand new LP sounds fine, but when I listen to it several times after, it seems to sound better. I guess it could be psychological. What is your experience?
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I do clean all new LPs I buy before playing. I am with Elizabeth that the first time listening the sound is just all right. It just sounds better after several plays.

Brf's explanation also makes senses. I don't have the same experience with CD though.
You guys/gals might be right although not sure I have heard a difference. My wife bought me a couple of Stones remasters, beggars banquet and exile and I was supremely disappointed - prefer my pressings from the 70's. The guy who sold them said the vinyl needs to burn in and I thought she was taken advantage of and it was a crock of sh$#t. I have not listened to them a second time - maybe I will give them a chance.
Depends. A very few new LPs have surface noise that is the result of poor flow or fill in the stamper, or poor quality non-virgin vinyl to begin with, and nothing will help. An example of this was Peter Gabriel II on Classic where the outer lead in and first few minutes of "On The Air" are ridden with crackles and pops and, after several deep cleanings and plays, the noise doesn't change. I too clean before each first play of a new record, and if the pressing is a quiet one to begin with, subsequent plays usually reveal even more depth and detail. But not I said, it depends.