Do you think LP needs break-in to sound its best?

Most of the time brand new LP sounds fine, but when I listen to it several times after, it seems to sound better. I guess it could be psychological. What is your experience?
Audiozen, did you mention the tolerable temperature? The light vinyl will have a great chance to have unplayable warps that would look even more like bumps.
Other than that store all of your vinyls in the dark place in upright position.
I only use 78 rpm records. The good thick stuff from 1897.
I always keep one in my trunk for a spare tire.
I thought I asked a serious question and expected people would answer if they have something to contribute. Apparently, some folks didn't take my question seriously. What can I say? I guess some folks here love to have fun.
Have you tried Baptism water. It has to be used. The added natural ammonia is the secret.
I read on record insert that MOFI Anadisc 200 gram that record will sound better after several plays.