Dodd is to single ended as __ is to balanced.

Looking for that great preamp that most will agree is a great buy, such as the dodd preamp. Only thing is I am looking for a balanced tube preamp with a remote under $3k.
Try a BAT VK31SE. The price is close to your goal, used.
I really like mine. It sounds very close to my Pass X1.
I actually like the BAT better with single ended sources like my Arcam DVD. The Pass still has a larger soundstage, with my Electrocompaniet CD player in balanced mode....

I'd second the BAT notion.... having had 3 BAT amps. They are indeed quiet, well made, and have a dead backdrop. They are great poeople to deal with during support items/issues, if they arise, be it a new or preowned purchase. BAT's a class act.
Try the Atma-Sphere MP-3 or stretch for the MP-1, either way you'll have a first rate truly balanced pre. Good luck.
I initially was going to go with atma-sphere but the mp-1 is out of reach and the mp-3 doesn't have a remote and I do need one. But those two are probably the best choices for my system after all the research I had done one gon.