Dodson Audio - Still in Business?

I have been trying to reach Dodson Audio recently to get my dac upgraded. I have left several voice messages with no response and now the number has been disconnected. Is Dodson still in business? Does anybody know what is going on?
I own a Dodson 217 Mark II D DAC myself. In a phone conversation, Mr. Dodson told me that a family situation has arisen, which needs to be taken care of. He said that he's putting things on "hold" until the end of April or early May, this year.
I also called (858)484-8199 and confirmed their phone number was disconnected. Please call the San Diego Better Business Bureau and ask them if they know what happened to Dodson Audio. If the BBB cannot help you, please call a San Diego Audio Store and see if they can provide any additional info.
Thanks for the info, I have the same dac and will try and contact them later for the upgrade. Family is definitely more important than my upgrade. The 217 MkII D even without the 218 software upgrade is the best that I have ever heard. Once again thanks for the info
check with jeffs sound values, some of the guys used to work together at a stereo shop a while back..
I checked with a Dodson dealer who had been told the same thing that I was told.