Doe you enjoy your listening to music and your system more with others or alone?

It’s no doubt that us as Audiophiles spend a lot of time listening to music by ourselves. It’s just the way
it’s, a hobby most others don’t understand. So do we prefer to listen by ourselves or is it more enjoyable 
with others? For myself, I generally enjoy listening by myself. Usually when another Audiophile friend is over listening it becomes more about the sound ( system ) than the music. Also, they only want to hear
music that brings out the best in the system and for myself let’s just listen to what’s playing. 
Non-Audiophiles tend to get bored easily if they don’t like the music, and can be even more picky about
what music you play for them. Non-Audiophiles put no value in the sound. They only want to hear their favorite music and that can be even more frustrating. At least acknowledge it ( sound ) even if you can’t hear the difference.
For myself it’s more enjoyable alone, but that doesn’t mean all the time, or does it?

Mostly alone but I love having my wife and kids comment on the music. Had a nice time Father’s Day dancing and streaming old 70s music. Puts a tear in your eyes when you listen to great music while hanging with your family. Booze helps as well. 
Easy one for me...alone, no distractions...that’s not to say I don’t listen with is meditation for me... transports me to that magical place!
It there was more than one single spot in my listening room for the ultimate sound I would probably love sharing it more with others. As is, either I am in the good spot or somebody else is. And I rather be in it.