Does a DAC like this even exist?

It seems I need a DAC with a volume control that is either Bluetooth or radio controlled. One feed from my server goes to an amp and DAC that feeds the outdoor speakers. I have been using ROON to control the volume as well as other functions. Unfortunately the software volume control ROON provides malfunctions horribly. It randomly shoots up the the top on its own. You can imagine how much fun this is. I have inquired with them many times. They are "working on it" for like two years now and it has just gotten worse over time and now it is happening every time I try to use it. I like ROON but in this situation I can't use it anymore. So, I'd like to know if there is another controller like ROON that has software volume that functions properly. If not I hope to find a DAC or preamp that lives indoors that I can control while outdoors. 


Another vote for no issues with Roon volume control.

@nekoaudio , made some good points.

If you need a nice DAC for not much money, I suggest an Ayre Codex, used. It has a volume control (alas, no unwired control).


Lumin uses Leedh for their volume control with their DAC’s and Streamers.  It’s the best software based volume control I have used by a mile.  Never had any issues with it going up or down on its own.  I’ve had 3 different Lumin products, it’s worked well with all of them.  Aurilac has software volume control on their streamers, DACs as well, would think most of the companies that have well built out apps offer it up, varies on how good it actually is, not functionally but from a sound quality perspective.  

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Are you using “lock screen controls” in Roon?  If so, turn them off in Settings / Setup.