Does a Lumin App for Windows 11 exist..?

Does a Lumin App for a PC running Windows 11 exist ? So far, I can only use my tablet or phone. Using my laptop would be better for viewing with its larger screen (17") and my old eyesight.




Thanks. I wish they did. It seems strange to me to not include PC users.

I sent a message to Lumin, hopefully they will reply.


Not all that strange.

Supporting MacOS after supporting iOS, is likely a fairly easy port (depending on specifics of their code). Shared code, same tools, same developers. On the other hand, supporting windows would require an entirely new app, likely sharing very little code, and requiring different developers.

Said another way, it was probably very cheap for them to support MacOS, and would be much more expensive to support windows.

Voice your requests to Lumin. It’s the only way to get it prioritized.


Thank you for that explanation. I hope something can get done. I am surprised that no one else has had this question, the component has been around several years now.


I don’t think it will work with a PC, thus my questions. Looks like it will work with Mac, Androids but no PC.

I sent a message to Lumin and got a strange reply that I don’t understand. Either my question was deemed not important or confusing. I think it is a straight question.

Can a PC running Windows 11 download the Lumin app? Not using some other Frankenstein method to maybe get it to function.