Does a Lumin App for Windows 11 exist..?

Does a Lumin App for a PC running Windows 11 exist ? So far, I can only use my tablet or phone. Using my laptop would be better for viewing with its larger screen (17") and my old eyesight.




Thank you for that explanation. I hope something can get done. I am surprised that no one else has had this question, the component has been around several years now.


I don’t think it will work with a PC, thus my questions. Looks like it will work with Mac, Androids but no PC.

I sent a message to Lumin and got a strange reply that I don’t understand. Either my question was deemed not important or confusing. I think it is a straight question.

Can a PC running Windows 11 download the Lumin app? Not using some other Frankenstein method to maybe get it to function.


Referring to your similar post on audio shark, I think they were suggesting you might try their android app under the "Windows Subsystem for Android".

I'm not directly familiar with this, but a quick read seems to indicate it is an Android emulator that runs on windows. I think it's purpose is to allow windows based developers a way to test android apps directly on their PC.

As this is a developer tool, it's not really meant for consumers (read - it's probably pretty involved to set-up, use, diagnose). The online info on microsoft's website is also very fresh, not sure if it's even beyond a preview at this point. It might work. I personally doubt it'd be worth the effort.


Thanks for the help. It looks like my only choice is to use my I-pad with the small screen.



You can always get a bigger IPad 😀. Joke aside, the app looks quite nice on a big iPad.