Does a particular musician’s songwriting and artistry speak to you above all others?

I’ve enjoyed all forms of music over the 60+ years of music being the one constant in my life. My music tastes have certainly evolved over time.  I’ll cover that in another thread some day. Currently i find myself listening to jazz > 95% of the time. There is one particular artist who really speaks to me and i thoroughly enjoy each of the >270 songs he has written, arranged, recorded, and produced. Every other artist falls far short for me.
Guitarist Chris Standring lays down unique grooves in each song that can inspire (in me) toe tapping, soulful reflection, sensuality, air guitar picking, and other effects depending on the song. 
This is a personal connection I’ve developed with Standring’s music. I’ve had the opportunity to hear him play in an intimate diinner music house in Nashville the past 2 years. My wife loves his music also, which is the cherry on top!

Does anyone else have a musician who speaks to them?


So, so many, in several different genres and subgenres.

Defends on my mood, for sure.

Robert Fripp - While King Crimson is usually known for their somewhat angular, intense music, Fripp could compose some achingly beautiful songs, too. The Night Watch, Book of Saturday, I Talk to the Wind, I'm walking on Air are a few.

Yes - Close to the Edge - From the chaotic intro, to the quiet passages, to the intense passages, this takes the listener on a real journey through various moods.

Mahavishnu Orchestra - Eternity's Breath, Meeting of the Spirits, Vision Is a Naked Sword are examples of music with great melodies, coupled with insane levels of musicianship, that puts a huge grin on my face, and leads me to lose track of time.

Elliott Carter - Concerto for Orchestra, Three Occasions for Orchestra, Three Illusions for Orchestra (and others). While some may consider Carter's music to be a bit of a challenge, those things that people consider challenging, are the very things that sweep me up, and mentally transport me. 

John Coltrane - A Love Supreme. Nothing needs to be said...

PFM - Per un Amico, Storia di un Minuto. While the U.K. was much better known for prog, Italy had many bands that were the equal of those U.K. bands. PFM is the best known. Great musicianship, high levels of complexity, and tons of beautiful melodies.  

Allan Holdsworth - his unique approach, and vocabulary was really unprecedented. He really did not have any musical predecessors. And his chops were monstrous. Even his unique chords, were otherworldly.

I could seriously go on for pages...

If music does not speak to me, I don't listen to it. I could not say if any of these speaks to me above others, though. 

These are just partial lists. 


Return to Forever, Steve Coleman, Alice Coltrane, Pharaoh Sanders, Anthony Braxton, The Art Ensemble of Chicago, Oregon, Keith Jarrett.


Area, Riverside, Thinking Plague, Henry Cow, Genesis, Banco, Magma, National Health, Gentle Giant, After Crying, Univers Zero.


Charles Wuorinen, Joan Tower, Stefan Wolpe, Magnus Lindberg, Alban Berg, Unsuk Chin, Toru Takametsu, Milton Babbitt, Penderecki, Ligeti.



jimmy page’s riffs were the bedrock for melodies that transport me

jon anderson of YES also. South Side of the Sky takes me to Antarctica

Dylan, Lennon, Moody Blues, Cohen, Yes, Genesis/P. Gabriel/Steve Hackett, The Mael Bros. Come  to mind and in fact rank high in my Roon Artists most played ranking.