Does a particular musician’s songwriting and artistry speak to you above all others?

I’ve enjoyed all forms of music over the 60+ years of music being the one constant in my life. My music tastes have certainly evolved over time.  I’ll cover that in another thread some day. Currently i find myself listening to jazz > 95% of the time. There is one particular artist who really speaks to me and i thoroughly enjoy each of the >270 songs he has written, arranged, recorded, and produced. Every other artist falls far short for me.
Guitarist Chris Standring lays down unique grooves in each song that can inspire (in me) toe tapping, soulful reflection, sensuality, air guitar picking, and other effects depending on the song. 
This is a personal connection I’ve developed with Standring’s music. I’ve had the opportunity to hear him play in an intimate diinner music house in Nashville the past 2 years. My wife loves his music also, which is the cherry on top!

Does anyone else have a musician who speaks to them?


Going to see Dylan live again next week for first time in several years.  We shall see....

Well Paul Simon, Van Morrison, Burt Bacharach ,Mick Jagger ,Keith Richards,John Lennon ,Paul McCartney, George Harrison ......

I prefer instrumental music because it allows my mind to go wherever it wants, instead of going where lyrics take me.  Tangerine Dream is one of those bands for me.

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