Does a Powered Sub need a Preamp?

Hi there, I just got my best friend a pair of Quad 12L Actives, They sound great.

I have a Velodyne HGS12 Im going to let him borrow, Will he need a preamp to run the sub or will the computers output voltage be sufficient?

Thanks a million
It can't hurt to try it, but relevant specs that would make a definitive answer possible don't seem to be available. The required specs would be input impedance and sensitivity of the sub (which I couldn't find anywhere); and computer output voltage and output impedance (which are usually unspecified). Also, input impedance and sensitivity of the Quads (which I also couldn't find), if they would be connected in parallel with the sub inputs (as opposed to being connected to the sub's high pass outputs).

I suspect that you were planning to do this anyway, but I'll add that my guess is that your chances of success will be greatest if you connect the Quads to the sub's high pass outputs, rather than in parallel with the sub's inputs. Besides making life easier for the Quads by keeping the deep bass out of them, that will increase the load impedance (i.e., lighten the load) that has to be driven by the computer.

-- Al
Have you made much effort on your room? Money should go on acoustic treatments before equipment upgrades, I feel.
Thanks a million, Really, I tried and the stats just arent to be had. I was planning on going that route myself as it seemed easiest that way.

the computer works perfect with the quads but their input sensitivty is something like 0.075 Volts I think, He has the manual now and I cant find one on google.

My best friends system until now consisted of a pair of the smallest computer speakers I have ever seen, with a 4" subwoofer I could throw across a room with my index finger (Just a little to much weight for the pinky). He listens to rap and a subwoofer is absolutely necessary for electronic based music, at least what we listen to. Although I had my 18" sub in the middle of the room and finally moved the whole system to get it in the corner and my bass is 3x better at least. I thoroughly agree with room acoustics.

Thanks yall.
Ah, I just noticed I replied to completely the wrong thread! I think Almbarg had you covered :)